Keith Fowler

Top 3 podcasts for International Podcast Day

Nowadays, content comes in every form imaginable. Gone are the hours of idle time staring out of the train window or listening to the traffic report every 15 minutes on the daily commute.

If you haven’t started listening to podcasts, then I’d encourage you to do so on #InternationalPodcastDay this Sunday. Here are 3 that I consider to be a great listen.


The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing with Daniel Pink

If you’re envious of Mark Wahlberg’s early-morning routine and getting stuff done before others have even woken up is your aim, then The 5 AM Miracle Podcast has you in mind. This episode includes an interview with the excellent Dan Pink discussing the science of perfect timing and the hidden patterns that make up our day.


Dan Heath — Moments That Change Lives

Chip and Dan Heath have written several New York Times bestselling books. The latest being The Power of Moments, and this interview looks at how to best craft experiences: be them for customers, team members, users or even your own children. Entreleadership is a great all-round podcast with some excellent interviews too.


Long Distance Parts 1 & 2

Although ‘your computer has a virus’ calls have become less frequent, there were points over the last few years where I’m sure they interrupted your day. But have you ever thought about from whom, how and why you received these? The team at Reply All produce some great investigative journalism and this award-nominated episode is a great example of their storytelling skills.

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