Keith Fowler

Is Opportunity-Based Marketing the Future of ABM?

What if you could increase the value of your pipeline by more than four times – sound too good to be true? I recently read a case study by MOI that demonstrates that it is possible. They profiled B2B company Genesys and explained how their new strategy boosted their profits in a big way.

So, what did they do? They combined their account-based marketing (ABM) strategy with a new system of marketing alignment and real-time signals – the resulting strategy is known as opportunity-based marketing (OBM).

I know that this a fantastic strategy that can really make a difference to your business. How can you implement OBM into your marketing plan?

Opportunity-based marketing (OBM) 101

OBM synthesises the more effective aspects of account-based marketing with new and emerging technologies. The goal is always being in the right place and the right time with the right message.  

OBM uses insights and real-time digital data to search for and identify prospects out there who are ready to buy. In order to accurately develop prospect profiles, OBM harnesses behavioural profiling, and firmographic, demographic, and psychographic information. The resulting profiling can be as personal as 1 to 1.

Successful OBM should be fully scalable – and should convert, convert, convert. If you find that you aren’t having success, you need to work with a consultant to find out how you can change up your strategy. Most of the time you’ll find that you’re almost there – you just need a few small tweaks.

What are the Benefits of OBM?

Some of the key benefits of OBM include:

Is OBM Right for you?

No matter what approach you use, any marketing plan requires extensive research, dedicated planning, and crafty implementation. If you end up with bad data and a mismatch between your sales and marketing team, you’ll soon run into problems – and your poor sales will reflect these challenges.

Think about it this way – when it comes to your marketing budget, every single penny matters.  While OBM might not be the right solution for every business, it can make a huge difference in your bottom line and even improve morale. After all, everyone likes to succeed – and they like the bonuses that come along with success!

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