Keith Fowler

Are you using these Four Effective B2B SaaS Marketing Tactics?

As a B2B SaaS company, you need to find new ways to stand out from the crowd. While you might be on the hunt for the ‘latest and greatest’ new methods, don’t ignore the tried and true methods. Growth hacks are fun to read about and play around with, but make sure you’re always focusing the bulk of your efforts on the basics. After all, they’re classic because they work!

Here are 4 marketing strategies that I find work for my business and my clients, time and again. Are you making them work for you?

Make sure your existing content provides you with every drop of possible value

You need to consistently post, post, post new content, right? Yes, but never forget about your existing content. It can do a lot for you if you continuously assess and optimise what you have.

Get more out of what you have and regularly revisit your blogs, landing pages, and web copy. Update, optimise, and rewrite sections of your content, and add new lead magnets. Add new keywords and update your calls to action – search engines see this as fresh content, and will raise your rank as a result.

Make sure you leverage the power of your competitors’ brands

There is an unprecedented level of competition in the SaaS space, but you can find a way to use this competition to your advantage. Position your software as a more attractive alternative by targeting their keywords with Google Ads that lead to one of your landing pages. You’ll likely also attract organic traffic when people search for comparisons, such as “Company A vs Company B.” Be sure to include these keywords in your meta descriptions, H1s and H2s, and header tags.

Optimise your review listings

Speaking of optimising your listings, never forget to hop onto Capterra, G2, and other databases in order to claim and optimise your review listings. Add a high level of detail to your company description, and include as many images and videos as possible. Don’t skimp on the quality!

Work hard to collect reviews on an ongoing basis, and always address any mediocre or negative reviews in a diplomatic way. If you are diligent, you’ll boost your profile on the directory website and on Google overall.

Make sure you retain your existing clients

It’s a common mistake – you get so caught up in attracting new clients that you don’t spend enough time retaining your existing ones. Retention is cheaper and more effective than acquisition – don’t ever forget how important this is to your bottom line and your reviews, which in turn leads to more acquisition!

I know that it can be tempting to chase after the next big marketing ‘hack,’ but the fundamentals are crucial. Are you giving them the attention they deserve?

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